FLEE PESCI & SEN CITY talk about their first Short film that they actually managed to create through Craigslist. They also go into the startup that they have made and the background behind how they met through artistry -

DANIELE SUTHERLAND gets into her career with runway, print, and what exactly to her started in modeling. She is originally from the Bronx and Jamaican decent and how her moving around grounded her talent and got her to where she is today with her inspiration vibe and talent.

CHRISTINE MENDES talks about the inspiration behind her name and a journey that she was on herself by seeing through the empress through herself. MIND, BODY & SPIRIT are the roots of this name and the root of what pushes her through her career going forward.

TEE-PZZZ talks about his new music video, how he came to love music, and his aspirations to continue creating. He also goes on about the vibe he caught when creating the track and when being on set making the music video for the first time. He also chats about his goals for 2024 and tries to drop a new music video every month because as he states "visuals are key!"

CERTIFIED CURIT talks about going about the grind, going out and networking, and actually starting out with the open mics! He states "I'm a hustler" He also goes on and talks about him growing up and away from being in music, him being on the chorus in church and that being where he's started off and him rapping as a kid, and making the transition from athlete to rapping.